This is the official blog for the upcoming novel, “Before Dawn”, by Robert Reeves.

Robert Reeves lives in Dallas, Texas.  He has hunted in Kenya, East Africa twice.  Some of the animal encounters are based on real adventures.

The Story begins in the Highlands Region of Kenya, north of Nairobi.  The story will lead us to California… (Enough said..)

The lead character is Dr, Charles Henley.  He is called Bwana Kifaru, swahili for “Mr. Rhino”.  How he gets that nickname is Chapter 2.

But, this is not  a novel telling “around the campfire” hunting stories.  We’ve got a little of that with some suspense,  a little romance, a few thrilling moments, and few revengeful animal encounters thrown in.

The purpose of this blog is to provide insight into the novel, “Before Dawn”, and to also allow us to share in some of the daily adventures of our fearless leader, Bwana Kifaru.

So, sit back… relax… listen to the sounds of the African sunrise .. but, beware.. there may be someone, or something watching you..   kwa heri (bye).


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