“Oh my God.. It’s not my Robert. Oh my God, it’s not Robert!”


     Holding her, we walk together toward the door. Reaching the entrance, I point the lit flashlight, showing her Makali and Benga with the lioness. “See, all is ok,” I said. Holding her tighter, I slowly move the light to the victim.

     “Oh my God! Oh my God!” she screams, falling into my arms. I catch her, and help her stand. “It’s not my Robert. Oh my God, it’s not Robert! It’s a man who works her sometimes, Jim Stevens. Oh my God, Jimmy! But where’s Robert?”

     “Wow, don’t know,” almost speechless. “We do need to make sure he’s safe. Wow, what at a surprise. I am sorry for Mr. Stevens. Let’s get back outside,” I said as I release my hold and we walk toward the entrance.

     Stepping into the light, “Well gents, good news. It’s not her Robert. However, the bad news is, that it is a man who works here sometimes, Jim Stevens.”

     Miles points to his right. “A tractor coming in from the west.”

     “It’s Robert! shouts Mrs. Thomas, jumping up and down and waving. “I hadn’t noticed the tractor was missing.”

     Trying to run towards him, I hold her arm. “Let him get closer. By the way, what is your first name?”

    “Susan. Mr. Henley, but please call me Susie,” giving me a hug.

“Ok, he’s close enough,” releasing her arm. “Go get him Susie!”



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