I haven’t had time to reload. “I’m empty! Oh my God, Miles!”

(The muddy and very bloody lion now lays motionless on top of Makali.)

Miles yells, “Makali, you ok?”

“Yes, Bwana – not hurt. Help Benga. He hurt bad.”

I am already kneeling over Benga. “He has passed-out – leg is bleeding and I definitely heard the bone shatter. Benjamin, Jacob – you alright?”

“Yes, Charles, we’re good,” Jacob answers. “Benjamin, help me move this beast off of Makali. He’s got lion blood all over him – and nice shootin’ Tex.”

Benjamin kneels down and together they roll the beast off of Makali. Jacob continues, “Miles, awesome shot! I’ll help Beng…,” interrupted by a new loud bang. “Charles, look!” pointing up.

Benjamin screams, “One eyed female!”

The female simba has leaped onto the camper roof and is one foot over our heads. She is reaching through the wide gash in the ceiling, trying to get to us. The rip in the roof is beginning to give way from the lions weight. Rain is gushing in. I reach for my pistol. I haven’t had time to reload. “I’m empty! Oh my God, Miles!”

Miles is scrambling to load his 12 gauge. “Jacob, Benjamin – help!”

Two muffled shots are heard.



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