“500 lbs. of Death comes through the window.”

The sound is like a cannon blast. Miles leaps backward and knocks Makali off his feet. Shattering glass is thrown in our faces as 500 lbs. of man-eater “death” comes through the double window, bounding over the broken table, landing almost on top of Benga. Momentarily stunned by the impact and the flying projectiles, we are all caught by surprise. The lion is crouched and only 3 feet away. The moment has turned into a nightmare. Screams of fear are instantly followed by screams of pain as the big male, with one swipe with its right paw slams Benga to the floor. Bending down, the giant lion takes Benga by his right leg and lifts him off the floor. I hear the sound of the bone crack from its massive jaw. Benga hollers in pain. From nowhere, Makali leaps over the lion, lunging his knife into the beasts throat. Knowing the giant simba will attack him, he hits the floor and rolls into a ball. The lion releases Benga and makes a violent move toward Makali, but misses him. Drawing my Tauras Judge, I hold Benga to the floor with my left hand and draw my pistol with my right. The giant male turns his head, reacting to my movement, opens his massive jaws and flexes to leap at me. From 2 feet away, I unload both .410 shells into is face. The left side of its head is blown away, splattering the cab area of the camper with blood and “lion fragments”. Always having my back, Miles instantaneously fires his 12 gauge into the chest cavity of the lion. The close range impacts hurl the dying simba backwards on top of Makali, pinning him to the floor. The muddy and very bloody lion now lays motionless on top of Makali.



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