“Bwana, I have new name for you. I now call you, Bwana Kifaru.”

“Makali and Bryce, I know my leg is broken. Make a splint for my leg out of some limbs from that acacia tree. I’ll hold this rag over my eye to stop the bleeding. Alan, if you could bring me my satchel, please,” I asked.

Makali wrapped my leg using two branches and some thick twine that we always carry with our supplies.

“Makali, another request, please. Use your knife and get these thorns out of my arm. They hurt as much as anything,” I asked.

So, using the same knife he had used on the zebra a few hours before, he carefully dug the 3 thorns out of my left arm. After wrapping my arm with another rag, with his help, I stood up.

“Well, that was something, wasn’t it sports fans?” trying to be funny. ” I guess the lions will have to wait. Makali, we’ll give the rhino meat to the village. What a shame, he is magnificent. Couldn’t be helped. I think we can blame the wind. Rhino always ‘mark’ their territory. Normally we would have smelled him.” I added.

“Yes, you right Bwana. I’m sorry,” said Makali.

“Oh not your fault my friend.”

Bwana, I have new name for you. I now call you, Bwana Kifaru.”

“Mr. Rhino,” I said. “Ok, Makali. I like it. Bwana Kifaru.”



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