The crazed rhino was on me in 3 seconds…”Look out, Bwana!”

Makali led us forward slowly. I looked over to Bryce to make some funny comment, when suddenly Makali fell to his knees and made a frantic signal.

I saw it at the same moment he signaled. About 15 yards to my right, four massive legs were showing under a thorn bush. We were too close and the wind was blowing in that direction. I gave a frantic halt and backup signal. It was too late!

Makali yelled, “Look out, Bwana!”

The bush exploded. He yelled again, whistled, and waved his arms. I later realized he was risking himself to save me. The crazed rhino was on me in 3 seconds. There was no time to react. My horse spun to its’ left just as the rhino rammed us with his horn. The power of the impact knocked us to the ground.

The rhino’s horn had hit my right leg just below my knee. My foot was in the stirrup, so my leg and the saddle had saved the horse from injury. As we hit the ground, somehow I had held onto my rifle. Expecting the rhino to come for me again, I managed to stand and prepared to shoot…..

In the blink of an eye, I fired twice and Bryce fired at least once. The massive black rhino dropped three yards from Makali. I fell to my knees. My right leg was broken and I had blood streaming from a cut above my right eye.




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