“We have now positively confirmed our man-eaters.”

“Makali, what can you tell us from the tracks?”

“Only see old tracks, Bwana. Yesterday, not today. See pug marks of big male simba, and look like two smaller, probably female, Bwana.”

“Pug marks of male, missing a claw?”

“Yes, Bwana.”

“Bingo, gents. Although it appeared obvious, we have now positively confirmed our man-eaters. Keep alert guys while I take some photos, they could be close by.”

“Tracks show they go that way, Bwana,” says Benga pointing north.

“That’s in direction of the Thomas house, Charles,” Benjamin interjects.

“Oh Lord.. we better hurry,” Miles said.

“I’ve got enough pics, let’s get out of here. Miles, Benjamin, would you agree we just found the location for our cage and snares?”

“Oh, yeah,” Benjamin responds.

“Yes, Mate. Absolutely,” Miles replies. “Maybe later this afternoon or in morning.”

“Ok, let’s stay focused and head for the Rovers,” I command. “Miles meet you at the waterhole. I still want to make a quick check for tracks.”

“Roger that, Chuck. By the way, I have the other dart rifle. Do you have darts?”

“Great. Yes, grab a few from the box in backseat of Rover,” I answered.



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