“Who am I?” ( a flashback )

Who am I, you ask?  That’s a good and necessary question.  I used to be known simply as Dr. Charles Henley, biologist and college professor from Southern California.  I was raised in Texas, but came to California because of a football scholarship and my interests in sun, surf, girls, and fun.  To the amazement of many, I discovered a real love and appreciation for wildlife and nature.  My studies and interests turned into a doctorate in biology.  Upon graduation, I became a popular professor of freshman biology and botany.  My now ex-wife often accused me of being too popular with some of my female students.  This is a fact that was never confirmed to be true.  After 8 years of teaching, I left sunny southern California, a life of khaki pants and golf shirts, to begin a new life in a world where every day brings the promise of a new adventure.  What began as a lavish research project to observe, document, and photograph East African wildlife and plant life evolved into one of the largest safari businesses in East Africa.


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