“Makali, ‘Mpiganaji Jasiri!” (Makali, the Brave Warrior.)

(“I have worn it everyday of my life since that fateful afternoon.”)

“Now my dear friend, I want you to wear it. May it protect you always. May it keep you strong and well. Makali, ‘Mpiganaji Jasiri’. (Makali, the Brave Warrior.) I cup his left hand in my two hands and repeat to the others…”Mpiganaji Jasiri!”

“Mpiganaji Jasiri!” the others chant. I help him to his feet. With tears in his eyes, he releases my left hand and hugs me. Jacob, and Benjamin, each in turn step to Makali and shake his hand. Miles, taking Makalis’ right hand, places his own left hand on the cheek of Makali. Looking him in the eyes, gently states, “Makali, Mpignaji Jasiri!” Makali smiles in return.

“All right!” Miles declares as he takes two steps back towards the lion carcass. “Let’s throw this garbage out.”


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