“Makali, wewe ni kama mwana kwagu. (you are like a son to me).”

(“That giant lion could have easily caught you in mid-air and killed you with one bite.” I try, but can’t stop the tears in my eyes).

 I slowly remove my rhino hair bracelet from my left wrist. Taking Makali’s left hand, I slip the bracelet he made for me a few years ago over his hand and on to his left wrist. Looking into his brown eyes, “Makali, wewe ni kama mwana kwagu. (you are like a son to me). This bracelet is probably my most prized possession. You made it from the tail-hair of a rhino that had every intention of killing me and might have if you hadn’t been so brave. I have worn it everyday of my life since that fateful afternoon.”


One Comment

  1. Nice jewelry, Bwana. Was it hard holding the Rhino still while Makali clipped some hair for the bracelet??????? Ha!


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