“Show me where pain is, Makali.”

(“Got it .. hallelujah , door opens!” I push the door open and turn to help with the lion.)

“One, two, three …,” Makali is freed from the weight of the massive male simba.

I go and kneel by Makali. I can see he is having difficulty breathing. “Easy, friend. Sit up slowly. It hurts to breath, doesn’t it?”

“Yes, Bwana. Hurt more than before.”

“Show me where pain is, Makali,” Jacob asks, kneeling next to me.

Using his left arm, Makali places his hand over his right lung area.

“Broken rib, most likely. I hope the lung is not punctured. Lay back down for a second. This might hurt, but I need to feel your rib cage.”

I help him lay back on the floor. Makali cringes in pain. Jacob gently feels the right side of the rib cage.


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