“I’d have to say that this puppy is pretty well totaled!”

“And look at this camper,” Jacob says, kneeling by Benga. “The rental company is going to be pissed!”

“Well, it certainly has been quite a destructive last 20 minutes, or so. Let’s see… For starters, a whole tree, that was engulfed in flames, almost fell through the roof, ripping a huge hole and smashing the table by the window in half. Rain water has been pouring in through the rips and gashes. I’m sure the floor, bedding, furniture, and appliances are all ruined. A 500 pound male lion body slammed itself several times against the side of the camper. We haven’t checked the damage yet, but you can bet there are some major dents. That same lion then jumped through the large picture window, showering the inside of the camper with thousands of glass fragments. The lion now lays dead and bleeding right here on what once was a clean floor. There are also simba head and skull fragments splattered on the cabinets and camper walls from the shotgun and Judge blasts. The third lion, the one we call ‘One-eyed female’ then jumped on the roof and almost caved it in right over our heads. And sometime while all of this was going on, the cabinets opened and most of the dishes are broken and scattered all over the floor. Ya’ know, I bet the engine will run – of course, we sure can’t go anywhere with that tree sitting on top of us. We still have lights too, at least until the generator dies. I’d have to say that this puppy is pretty well totaled! Guess I should have accepted the extra insurance coverage,” I chuckled.


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