“That femur isn’t just broken, it’s crushed!”

“That femur isn’t just broken, it’s crushed. He’ll need surgery, Chuck. He needs a hospital! We need to get him back to Kericho.” 

“Yes, I understand. First, we need to secure that lion. With that double darting, guess she is out cold?”

“Yeah, she’ll be out for hours. Benga can’t wait that long,” Jacob answers. 

Suddenly awakening, Benga raises up and yells, “Bwana, Bwana, simba, simba! Big simba!” He cringes in pain and cries out again, “Simba!”

Makali, takes him by the hand, “Benga, mguu wako umevunijika na kutokwa na damu vibaya” (your leg is broken and bleeding badly). Simba amekufa. Simba amekufa. (lion dead). Kayatoa.” (lay down)

“I’ve got ya’ Buddy.” Jacob states softly. “That lion messed-up your leg pretty bad, but you’ll be alright. ‘wewe ni ok’,” touching his shoulder.

Benga lays his head back onto the pillow.


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