“His leg is bleeding badly. That bite barely missed the main artery!”

Can you help Benga?” I said.

Makali is on his knees and is holding Bengas’ head in his lap.

“Already on it Chuck. He is still out cold, I think primarily from shock. His leg is bleeding badly. Can you convert that back area into a bed? We need to get this bleeding stopped right now!” 

As I pull on the cushions and convert the back seating area into a bed, Miles and Makali begin lifting Benga. Benga, beginning to become cognizant, gives out a muffled moan.

“Carefully men,” Jacob warns. “That leg is broken badly. Lay him down gently.”

Miles places a pillow under his leg. Jacob uses a larger cushion and elevates his leg. “Chuck, hand he that first-aid kit again. I need something to make a tourniquet out off. Anything long enough..  A bandanna – piece of rope – anything. Got to get this bleeding stopped.”

“Here. Can you use my belt?” Benjamin asks.

“Yes, perfect. Thanks. I’ve got to place it above the break. Man, that bite was really deep. Just missed the big artery, he was very lucky. Poor guy! That femur isn’t just broken, it’s crushed. He’ll need surgery, Chuck. He needs a hospital!”


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