“Well, Jacob – now it’s game over…”

(Man, I sure don’t want to track that lion in the rain and darkness.”)

“”No worries, Miles,” Jacob answers, turning from the side window. “In that last lightning flash, I saw that the lion is down about 20 yards from the camper.”

“Well, Jacob – now it’s game over. Can you help Benga?” I said.

Makali is on his knees and is holding Bengas’ head in his lap.

“Already on it Chuck. He is still out cold, I think primarily from shock.”

Surveying our surrounding, I turn to Benjamin, “Wow! Thank you for your clear thinking and calm reaction.”

“Your welcome, but I sure wasn’t calm. In a few more seconds that lion would have been in our laps. I think she had her “eye” on you, Chuck.”



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