“Bwana, simba are circling us!”

(“Miles, watch for that big male. Do you see “one-eyed” female?”)

“No, Chuck. I’ve got nothing.”

“There he is! He’s coming around camper toward you, Miles!”

“Ok. I’m watching. Nothing yet!”

“Bwana, one eye simba! There is one eye simba! She run toward you, Bwana Miles.”

“Yeah, see ’em both. They both just ran by my back window.”

“Got them up here! Now they’re heading back toward you Miles. What are they doing?”

Makali stands and steps away from his side window vantage point. He looks directly at me. (This is only the second time that I have witnessed fear in his eyes.) In a soft but firm voice, “Bwana, simba are circling us. They surround us, Bwana.”

Benga jumps to his feet and yells, “They attack us, Bwana! They prepare attack, Bwana.”


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