“Watch out for the big window, it may explode!”


(“Sorry, I need to tear your shirt.”   “Ok, Bwana. Asante.”)

“You’re welcome. Looks like the bleeding is stopping. Let me clean it first with this antiseptic. You may need some stitches, it’s pretty deep. Benga, I’m making a large gauze patch – now taping it down. Here, use this towel to clean your face. There ya’ go. Good job being prepared Chuck.”

“We always carry a first aid kit. It’s come in handy more than once.”

The continuous illuminating by lightning strikes is like constant flashbulbs going off all around us. The camper is only 7 ft wide and has windows on all four sides. The largest is a double window over the table and chairs where Jacob is tending to Benga. It is facing the wind and is taking some direct hits from the hail stones that are noticeably larger. The light flashes are almost blinding and the power of the wind is rocking the camper.

“Watch out for the big window, it may explode! Miles and Makali, pick a smaller window and look for the killers.”


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