“Run! Come on! Run!” Miles yells.

(From five yards away, Benga screams, “SIMBA! SIMBA!”)

“Kukimbia (run), Benga!” Makali yells, turning to run back.

We all freeze in our tracks and look in the direction Benga is pointing.

“In the light flash, me see simba. Big male, Bwana!”

As Makali reaches Benga, I find that I have instinctively run back to help. His face is bleeding from several cuts and a large piece of glass is lodged in his left shoulder. The front of his shirt is turning red from the blood and spreading due to the drenching rain. As we both grab an arm and pull him toward safety, there is another lightning flash.

“There Bwana!” pointing toward the cage.

In the flash we catch a quick glimpse of the male man-eater about 30 yards away. Thunder, then darkness. The rain is falling in sheets. Almost instantly, another flash. Our eyes are still fixed on the lions location. Nothing. Like a ghost it is gone.

“Run! Come on! Run!” Miles yells.


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