“Care for a little Jack Daniel, or a shot of scotch?”

(“Storm come, Bwana. Smell like big rain. It come quick.”)

“Oh man, Jacob! This area will be one big mess in a hurry.”

“Guess, I’d better sit tight for awhile. Don’t think I better head back carrying that beast in the back of my truck – could get stuck, could get lost. I’ll wait it out. Might blow over, ya’ know.”

“Good idea, Mate. Chuck spun out earlier in a muddy spot. Had to pull him out with my winch. If it starts raining, could become impassable – even dangerous.”

“Well, I vote we let this man-eater get wet and the rest of us go inside and I’ll cook up some grub. We’ve got quite a story to tell you about today. If you stay until morning, you won’t believe the discovery we’ll show you. You drove right passed it after the last waterhole. Tell ya’ all about it inside.” turning to walk toward the motor home. “Care for a little Jack Daniel, or a shot of scotch?”

“Thought you’d never ask. Lead on gents. By the way Chuck , nice base camp. You boys sure are roughing it!”


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