“Storm come, Bwana.. Smell like big rain.”

(..and we saw the other two real close.”)

“Almost too close,” Miles added, reaching to shake his hand.

“Right Miles, that’s an understatement. We’ll tell you the whole story, but first, you need to meet Benjamin Niemba. He is a game warden and is here at the request of the Minister of Wildlife, Noah Mwangi. It is due to his research and field investigation that we’ve had this early success. He picked this ranch and this campsite. It couldn’t be more perfect,” turning toward Benjamin. “Benjamin, this is a good friend of mine, Dr. Jacob Longo.”

“Dr. Longo, my pleasure.”

“Nice to meet you, Benjamin. Please call me Jacob.” 

Turning to look back at the lioness, I am suddenly aware that the wind has picked up and the stars are no longer visible. There is a lightning flash to our north.

“Storm come, Bwana. Smell like big rain. It come quick.”


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