“I Am Death, And I Am Going To Kill You” …

(I’d vote for a larger dosage for him. He is going to be hard to bring down.”)

Miles and I nod in agreement. Benga begins to speak, then jumps backwards as the lioness suddenly rolls to its left, bangs into the side of the cage, and stands up.

“Wow, good thing its mouth is still …” The lioness leaps toward Miles’ voice slamming into the locked door. The cage rocks from the impact.

We all jump in reaction to the lioness. Benjamin trips over Makali and lands on his back. “Holy shit! Thank goodness for the lock! Sorry, Makali.”

Makali leans over offering his left hand. “It ok, Bwana Benjamin. Mean simba.” 

I don’t believe I’ve ever heard a lion roar with its mouth taped closed. The roar we just heard was its “I Am Death, And I Am Going To Kill You” roar. Though muffled and smothered, the pitch of the lions’ violent cry sounded more like a scream or shriek. The true definition of “blood curdling”. Truly haunting.


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