“Well that dosage didn’t last as long as we expected.”

(“Get out of there!” Miles yells. “Forget the snout!”)

Makali quickly backs out of the cage and slams the door.

“Benjamin, grab that lock Jacob gave us. It’s in the camper on the table by the maps,” I said.

The lioness continues to struggle, but is still too drugged to stand. Benjamin returns with the lock and secures the cage door.

I turn and look at Miles. Do you think that it has anything to do with her adrenaline level being so high?”

“Yes I do Mate. She was really fighting and attacking as the drug was taking affect. I still think we have the right dosages. We can ask Jacob when he gets here. Benjamin, you sure got the best view of the big male.”

“Yes, almost too close. He is massive. I’d vote for a larger dosage for him. He is going to be hard to bring down.”


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