“The lions have killed, and it’s horrible. There are pieces….”

(Suddenly a deafening gun shot from outside. We fall to our knees, raising our rifles.)

“A warning shot! A warning shot!” shouts Benjamin. “Saw one of the simba moving in from the bushes.” 

The four of us run outside to Benjamin and Mrs. Thomas. Benjamin, pointing toward some bushes to the east, “There, at about 50 yards. The shot made it move back into the bushes, can’t see it now.”

“Did you see the other lion?” Miles asked.

“No, just one. Believe it was the other female.”

“Damn. Miles stand watch with Benjamin. Makali and Benga, go grab the tape, rope, and another flashlight. Got to hurry.” Turning to Mrs. Thomas. “I’ve got to get you to safety, but I do need you to see what has happened in the barn,” I said, as my trackers return with the supplies.

“We go tie-up simba, Bwana.”

Taking the flashlight from Miles’ rifle, “Mrs. Thomas, my name is Charles Henley, will you go with me, please?”

“Yes. Yes, I will,” with tears in her eyes and fear in her voice.

“Ok,” taking both of her hands, and looking her in the eyes. “What we have in the barn is one darted lioness. Makali and Benga are going to secure her with rope and tape. You will be safe. There were three. The other two ran into the bushes to the east. The rest is very gruesome,” as I fight the tears away from my eyes, “The lions have killed, and it’s horrible. There are pieces. I’m sorry, I don’t know any other way to describe it. Your Robert is in pieces,” putting my left arm around her as we start to walk. “Stay close to me.”


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