“Stop! Stop! Please stop! Lions!”

(“Don’t stop or slow down Miles, she’ll move. Get us out of here.) One lucky jump through that broken window and she’ll be in our backseat!” I shout, pointing to the window by Benjamin.

Miles somehow guides us perfectly into the door opening, and the lion does leap out of the way. We clear the barn and Miles accelerates and achieves a second successful sliding turn in about 20 yards. He spins so we are facing the barn. The male and one of the female lions emerge from the barn entrance jogging toward us. Miles lays into his horn with a long blast. The two lions turn and run away to the east, away from the ranch house. We stare for a moment in silence.

“Darted simba still in barn, Bwana,” Makali says in a soft, but nervous voice.

“Let’s watch for a moment,” I answer, as we sit silently in the Land Cruiser, staring at the barn entrance. 

We hear the front door to the house fly open. Mrs. Thomas screams as she runs toward the barn. “Robert, my Robert!”

To my surprise, Benjamin instantly leaps from the back seat with his Winchester and runs toward the women. “Stop! Stop! Please stop! Lions!”


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