“Look! A long trail of blood. Something was dragged into the barn.. “

(“Blood, Charles! In front of truck,” Benjamin yells.)

“Look! A long trail of blood. Something was dragged into the barn, ” Miles exclaims, reaching for his gun.

“Get out slowly guys. Watch your backs. Benjamin, dart rifle?”

“Yes, got it.”

“Bwana, someone coming from house!” Benga announces.

Opening my door, I shout at the lady as she steps off the front porch, “Get back inside … Lions!”

“Robert! Where’s my Robert? Is he alright?” she screams.

“Don’t know. Get back inside. Please. Now! Now!” I scream back, motioning with my left hand.

 She turns and runs back inside. We begin to slowly exit Miles’ Rover. Miles blurts out, “No. Get back in. The door looks plenty wide. Let’s drive into the barn and block the door with the Rover. We might trap them inside. It’s too dark in there, we can use my headlights. If we stalk our way in, we’ll be defending ourselves, and we could end up with dead lions. Too dangerous. Someone could get killed. From the Rover, we might get off a lucky shot with that dart rifle.”

“Yeah, good idea. Back in Rover, guys! Hurry, in case Robert is alive.” closing our doors. “Everyone, roll down your windows enough for a shot. Benjamin, be ready.”


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