“Just another day at the office, Mate. Hang on, I’ll get us there!”

(Makali was already opening the back door of his Land Cruiser. Benjamin is right behind. I get in the back. “Go. Go. Go!)   Get us there! Hey, sorry about your back window.”

“Just another day at the office, Mate. Hang on, I’ll get us there!” 

Around two more curves we exit the forest and enter a long open meadow. This meadow is similar to the “lion liar” meadow; knee-high grass and thorn bushes. At about 300 yards, I see what must be the Thomas ranch house. It is hidden in a group of tall trees and is surrounded by an unpainted wooden fence. Next to the house is a windmill, and a red metal building that I guess must be a barn. We are too far away to see if anyone is home. 

“There is a gate, Miles,” Benjamin says, pointing ahead. “It looks open. Yesterday it was locked and I had to honk to get someone to come let me through.”

Miles slows down. The gate is about 100 yards from the house, and as we pass through it, I see that there is a corral next to a barn with several horses. The horses seem nervous or excited. Maybe they don’t recognize our Rover. There is a faded blue Ford pick-up parked near the barn. It is now about 5:00 pm and most of the area in front of the house and barn is in deep shadows.

“Don’t see anyone, Chuck,” Miles exclaims. “There is a light on in the house.”


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