“Over here, Bwana. Big male!”

(“Then we hurry to Thomas’ house. Thanks everyone. Let’s go.”) 

I signal Miles to lead this time. The waterhole is not large, only about two acres in size. As we approach, I turn and drive to the left side. A small herd of 5 impala are watering on the far side. They push off to the north. Miles continues to the right. The area around the waterhole is very open, and it is easy to see on all sides. No lions are visible. I stop and the three of us get out (with weapons) to look around the water’s edge. Miles and Benga do the same on the other side of the waterhole. We all spread out to look. It only takes about 15 seconds. Benjamin whistles.

“Here, Charles and Makali. Simba pugs!”

Walking toward Benjamin, Makali also confirms. “Over here, Bwana. Big male. Pug missing claw. Maybe early morning, Bwana. Lead to other side, toward Bwana Miles.”

I whistle to Miles, hand signal and point towards tracks. He points to ground where he and Benga are standing. I salute and we head to my Rover. We drive over to them and get out. Makali nods in agreement.

“Tracks lead off to north, Bwana. Maybe 3 – 4 hours.”

“Thomas house, Charles!” Benjamin exclaimed.

“Yeah, let’s hurry.” turning to run to the car. “How far are we?”

“Only about 5 minutes,” Benjamin answers, as he opens the Rover door.

I motion to Miles and Benga, “Stay alert, but lets move fast.”


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