“They will not run from our scent, they will hunt us.”

(I take a sip of my bottled water, then pour a little on my bandanna and wipe my face.)

“Miles, I want your input. Really, I need everyones input,” looking toward Miles and Benga, then glancing at Benjamin in my backseat. “I know we all realize that this safari is, kind-of, backwards. We are not hunting these lions, well not in the normal sense. We need to capture them, and our plan is to set up traps and a double cage in a spot where we think they frequent. This is also so very different because these are confirmed man-killers. They will not run from our scent, they will hunt us. The wind is not in our favor. Stalking up on them, hoping to catch them unaware, and shooting them with dart rifles is way too optimistic, and way too dangerous. I think we’ll agree that we found the best location for the snares and cage. Miles, Makali, Benga, and Benjamin … is there anything we could gain from stalking our way to the waterhole? I think we need to check tracks, but do we need to stalk our way in? Your thoughts, gentlemen?”

Miles is quick to speak, “Charles, frankly, I think we drive as close as we can to waterhole, even stay in Rovers if can. If lions are resting near water, maybe we can spot them or push them back toward their lair. Our best option is to set up the cages and snares for tomorrow morning. We know they’re here, Mate.”

“Makali?” I asked.

“Yes, Bwana. Think we need to check on Thomas family.”

“Charles, I have to agree,” Benjamin jumped in. “I’m real concerned about them.”

“Benga, you agree?” I asked.

“Ndijo (yes) Bwana. Me worry, Thomas.”

“Ok, then. I agree with you all. Miles, let’s drive as close as we can, then let’s quickly get out only to confirm if any simba tracks. Then we hurry to Thomas’ house. Thanks everyone. Let’s go.”


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