“I’ve got enough pics, let’s get out of here!”

(“That’s in direction of the Thomas house, Charles,” Benjamin interjects. 

“Oh Lord.. we better hurry,” Miles said.)

“I’ve got enough pics, let’s get out of here. Miles, Benjamin, would you agree we just found the location for our cage and snares?”

“Oh, yeah,” Benjamin responds.

“Yes, Mate. Absolutely,” Miles replies. “Maybe later this afternoon or in morning.”

“Ok, let’s stay focused and head for the Rovers,” I command. “Miles, meet you at the waterhole. I still want to make a quick check for tracks.”

“Roger that, Chuck. By the way, I have the other dart rifle. Do you have darts?”

“Great. Yes, grab a few from the box in backseat of Rover,” I answered. 

Both teams mount our Rovers, and Miles lets me lead out first. Again, with our windows about halfway down we slowly drive the 5 minutes to the waterhole. About 200 yards out, I stop under the shade of a large flame tree. It is in full bloom with large flagrant bright scarlet red flowers. I signal Miles to pull next to me and to roll down his window. He is on my passenger side, therefore his window is on Makali’s side. I take a sip of my bottled water, then pour a little on my bandanna and wipe my face.


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