“This is their liar, their ‘trophy’ room…”

(Benga says nothing. He falls to his knees and begins praying.)

“I’ve never seen, I’ve never even heard of anything like this,” Benjamin says.

“I count 3 skulls, so I guess were looking at the remains of as many victims,” Miles responds.

“This is their liar, their ‘trophy’ room,” I added. “I’ll use the camera in my phone, we must make a record this.” taking it out of my pocket. “Makali, what can you tell us from the tracks?”

“Only see old tracks, Bwana. Yesterday, not today. See pug marks of big male simba, and look like two smaller, probably female, Bwana.”

“Pug marks of male, missing a claw?”

“Yes, Bwana.”

“Bingo, gents. Although it appeared obvious, we have now positively confirmed our man-eaters. Keep alert guys while I take some photos, they could be close by.”

“Tracks show they go that way, Bwana,” says Benga pointing north.

“That’s in direction of the Thomas house, Charles,” Benjamin interjects.

“Oh Lord.. we better hurry,” Miles said.



  1. Nice site and exciting story! And am interested that you’re actually posting parts of a novel in progress as you write. It is in progress? I’m not as focussed as you yet, but I know many of my posts will make their way into my third novel. Have you heard any discussion about agents not interested in work that’s already put there this way? Saw you on LinkedIn.


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