“Mungu atatulinda (God protect us),.. lead on.”

(So far, I don’t see anything in the meadow that comes close to resembling a cat-pee bush.)

 Cat-pee bushes are generally 4 to 8 meters tall. The flowers are what give off the musky odor similar to the smell of cat urine. Ergo, the nickname, cat-pee tree. So, if no cat-pee bushes, there may be real cats close by. Maybe real big cats. There is a group of five to six trees about 40 yards straight ahead (into the wind). Makali holds up his left hand. We stop. He points towards the trees, and I know what he is thinking. If the lions are close by, the shade is the perfect place for them to be resting, or possibly feeding. I don’t smell the odor of a “kill”, but that musky odor is getting stronger. The wetness of the meadow is probably accentuating the smell. From our vantage point, we can’t see the area under the trees. Probably need another 15 yards, or so. I hand signal Makali to spread out a little. He looks me in my eyes, “No cat-pee, Bwana,” he whispers. I nod, “Mungu atatulinda (God protect us), lead on.”

I then look at Benjamin. “Ok?” He nods in acceptance. He is still holding the dart rifle.

“What are we doing here?” to myself.


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