“We are completely visible. There is no cover..”

(Lock and load, Gentlemen,” I said opening my door. “Let’s do this!”) 

The gauge in the Rover shows the outside temperature to be 72 degrees. The bright mid-afternoon sun, especially since we are in an open meadow with no shade, gives the feeling that it is warmer. Makali and Benjamin join me and we turn and face the apparent direction of the odor. One reason we can smell, what may or may not be lions, is because the wind seems to be in our face. This is good, we can assume the smell is coming from the same direction as the wind. As we explore, our human smell will be blowing downwind. This is very good.

With Makali about 3 steps ahead of us, and Benjamin on my right, we start walking slowly and deliberately toward the musky odor. The wet grass makes for quiet walking. This too is very good. What is not good, is that we are completely visible. There is no cover, only knee-high grass and an occasional low thorn bush. To add to the bad news – so far, I don’t see anything in the meadow that comes close to resembling a cat-pee bush.


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