“That cold chill runs up my spine again.”

(That means we are right in the heart of “Simba Hell”.)

 Makali has done this kind of “social visit” with me dozens of times. There is no need to explain my thought process or actions. Since Benjamin is (kind of) our uninvited guest, I don’t really feel the need to explain everything to him. Besides, he is supposed to be fairly experienced. I really do want to thank the Thomas family for letting us camp on their ranch. It is something I always do when we hunt on property that is lived on by its’ owners. BUT, I also want to know if they have seen or heard anything that can help us. I wonder if they are really aware of how much danger they are in? That cold chill runs up my spine again. 

“Bwana, stop!” Makali says holding up his left hand.

“I smell it too, Makali,” I replied, removing my sunglasses. “Could just be the smell of a cat-pee bush.”

“Or no, Bwana.”

“I smell it too,” Benjamin announced.

“Let me see if I can drive us through this meadow, without getting stuck. It looks muddy and there are a lot of thorn bushes.” (I can’t tell you how much I wish I’d gone back to Nairobi for my older Range Rover! Oh, well.) “Stay aware men!”


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