“…we are right in the heart of “Simba Hell”.

( I think we should stop and check for tracks. Unakubali (you agree)?”)

“Yes, Bwana. We see what game in area. Maybe simba tracks.”

“Let me know when we are close.” looking at Benjamin.

“Will do, our camp is about 10 minutes from the waterhole, Charles.” After about 30 seconds of silence, Benjamin continues, “Would you like me to tell you about my experience, Charles?”

“When we get back to camp, if you don’t mind. Right now we need to be quiet and pay attention. Sorry to interrupt you,” I answered.

“Right. You bet.” 

Makali and I have our windows about half way down. I am driving slow enough, this time, that we can watch and smell our surroundings. We are no longer in “pre-game”, we must stay aware. We are within a mile of confirmed man-eater attacks. Lions certainly can roam, I should say, “hunt”, an area larger than that. These lions seem to be patrolling and feeding in a 3 to 5 mile radius around Lolgorien. That means we are right in the heart of “Simba Hell”.


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