“Let’s keep our eyes and ears open, men…”

(“We are in the simbas’ backyard.”)

“Your right, good point. Think we should always have the tranquilizer guns too?”

“Well, ya’ know that’s a good idea, too. Who knows, can’t imagine getting that lucky. But, who knows.”

“I get, Bwana,” Makali announced, getting out of the Rover.

“And the box of darts, Bright Eyes,” I added. 

Makali is back before I have time to back the Rover away from the motor home. He sits in the front with me.

“Let’s keep our eyes and ears open, men,” I said as we pulled away from our newly dedicated base camp. “Lead on Benjamin, tell me the best route to take to their house.”

“Pretty easy Charles. Head back the way we came, but as we approach that larger waterhole, there will be a road back to the north.”

“Yep, I remember the waterhole. Makali, I think we should stop and check for tracks. Unakubali (you agree)?”


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