“We are in the simbas’ backyard.”

(They’ve lived out here for about 10 years. I met them yesterday.”)

“I spoke with Miles. He and Benga are about one hour away. That means they should be here about 4:00. While waiting for him, think I’ll take Makali and we’ll go say hello to Mr. and Mrs. Thomas. I always believe in showing my appreciation. Care to join us?”

“Yes. Thank you. I think that is a good idea. Give me 5 minutes.”

“Makali, I want to take my .375, you bring your 30-06. Ok?”

“Yes, Bwana. Here is your Judge, and both size shells, ” handing me my holster.

“Great. Meet you guys in the Rover. Benjamin, lock the door behind you, and how about you bringing a weapon too?””Yep, another good idea.

 A quick stop in the motor home bathroom, then head outside, strapping on my holster. No more outside without protection. Benjamin joins us carrying his .375 Winchester. I hear him open the rifles’ chamber and remove the live round.

“Benjamin, it’s ok with me if you want to stay loaded and ‘on safety’. Makali and I are loaded and ready,” I said. “We are in the simbas’ backyard.”


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