“Our camp is perfectly located. Good job.”

It has only been a few days since that call from Meredith that propelled me into this sojourn. That decision to help has brought me all the way from the Mt. Kenya Safari Club, right into the middle of “Simba Hell”. I call Miles and give him the directions to find us. He has Benga and is about one hour away. 

“Benjamin,” I said as I re-entered the motor home. “Show me on your map our exact location.”

“Got it marked in blue, right here,” using his pencil to point. “You can see how close we are to the village and the campground.”

“Yes, and I’ve got to give you credit. Our camp is perfectly located. Good job. Where is the Ranchers’ home from here?”

“He and his wife live about one mile to the east. Right here,” touching the map again with his pencil.

“What are there names?”

“Robert and Jillian Thomas. Great people. They’ve lived out here for about 10 years. I met them yesterday.”


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