“Simba near, and they know we here Bwana…”

The sound of a breaking tree branch hurls me back into reality. Suddenly I realize that I am unarmed and defenseless. My rifle and Tauras Judge are in the camper. That cold chill runs down my spine. I drop to my knees. The silence is broken again by the sound of another broken branch. I turn toward the direction of the sound. Scrutinizing the area to my left, I spot a lone monkey in a tree 50 ft away. I stand and make a move back toward the motor home. I realize that Makali was crouching right next to me. I don’t know where he came from, but he is right next to me.

“Bwana, I feel it too. Simba near, and they know we here,” Makali said in a whisper. “We go inside.”


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