“Where should we set up our base camp?”

(“That’s right Makali, hakuna hofu ya mtu (no fear of man),” Benjamin said.)

“Ok, we’ve got our hunting area narrowed down. Where should we set up our base camp?” I ask.

“I know a man who owns a ranch very close to the village where the last attack happened. It is just on this side of Nregi. We will be about a half mile from that attack and only about one mile from the campground and the previous attack. He has offered to let us set up camp near his homestead. We can connect to his electricity and water if needed.” Benjamin said.

“Well, that sounds like the perfect location. That should put us right in their back yard boys,” I said. “Grab your stuff Benjamin and come aboard.”

“I was planning to use my Nissan camper, Charles.”

“Benjamin, these lions can rip right into that thing. That’s why we chose this motor home. Get your things, we’ve got enough room.”

“Ok, but let me lead you to the campsite, then I’ll move in.”

“Right, lead on game warden.” 

Benjamin mounted his Nissan truck and led us about 7 miles to what is to become our base camp.


One Comment

  1. And so it begins………..wow, wow, getting sooooooo good Bwana K. Keep it up!!!!! Can’t wait for the MOVIE!


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