“Simba hawana hofu (lions have no fear)!”

(I asked, noticing a circle that I don’t have on my map.) 

Benjamin then described an attack from 2 days ago that we hadn’t heard about. A tourist was showering about 8:00 am outside his tent in a public campsite south of Nregi, about 2 miles from the newest attack we’d just heard about from Benjamin. The two female lions came into camp, in full view of three witnesses, and pulled the man from the canvas shower and dragged him screaming into the bush. The male lion had not been seen. Benjamin had personally visited this site yesterday and described, in graphic detail, the amount of blood that was still visible at the “kill site”. 

“Well, it seems obvious that we have the same three lions, and they apparently are staying close to Nregi,” I stated.

“Bwana, simba get more and more brave,” Makali added.

“Yes, they seem to have no fear of man,” I answered. “They are killing almost daily, and in broad daylight.”

“Simba hawana hofu (lions have no fear)!”

“That’s right Makali, hakuna hofu ya mtu (no fear of man),” Benjamin said.


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