“This red circle is the newest attack and killing,”

(Let me get my map from the truck. Be right there.”) 

Returning to the camper, I leave the door open. I use the dining table to roll out my map that has all the attack locations marked in red. It will be good to compare my map with his. The table seats four and is next to the window, and right behind the driver area. Being sunny outside there is plenty of reading light. There is an overhead light, if needed. I hear a “Hello”, as Benjamin approaches the door.

“Come on in,” I answer. “No need for formalities, we are going to be a team. Just come on in.

“”Thanks, Charles. Noah said you’d be great to work with,” he replies.

“Really?” (to my self), as Benjamin stepped in the camper.

 Benjamin has a fairly large map folded in his left hand, in his right he carries a brown folder. He does not have his suitcase or any personal items with him. Not yet anyway.

“You can lay your map on top of mine, if you’d like. Show us where this last attack was.”

Unfolding his map reveals that it is a much smaller scale than mine so there is much more detail for the Lolgorien area. I see several areas outlined in green and five or six circles drawn in red.

“This red circle is the newest attack and killing,” Benjamin said as tapping the map with his right forefinger.


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