“I do have some new info regarding the simba attack.”

If I hadn’t recognized him, he still would have been easy to spot.) 

I park the camper on the other side of the tree, giving us plenty of room. Benjamin stands up as Makali and I open our doors and get out. 

“Jambo, Dr. Henley,” Benjamin says as he steps off the porch into the early afternoon sunshine to greet us. The day has warmed to a very pleasant 70 degrees.

“Jambo, Benjamin,” accepting his extended right hand. “Hope you haven’t been waiting long. This is my head tracker, Makali.”

“Jambo, Bwana Benjamin,” Makali answered.

“Makali, nzuri ya kukutana na wewe (nice to meet you),” shaking hands with Makali. “Dr. Henley, you look familiar. Have we met before?”

“I think so, (don’t want to bring up the elephant encounter!) somewhere in our travels. Please call me Chuck or Charles. My other hunter, Miles Petersen is picking up our second tracker, and they should be here in about an hour. They can meet us at our base camp.”

“Ok, Thank you, then Charles it is. I do have some new info regarding the simba attack. Can I tell you here, or would you rather sit on the porch?”

“Let’s sit in the camper. I’d like you to show me on the map,” I counter offer.

“Sure. Let me get my map from the truck. Be right there.” 

Returning to the camper, I leave the door open.


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