“I sure hope the lions can’t read, it could blow our cover!”

(“I think we’re about 15 minutes away.”)

Really? Are we really almost there? That chill ran up my spine again. As we approached what appeared to be the afore-mentioned rendezvous location, I spotted a government-green Nissan truck that had to belong to our newest comrade, Benjamin Niemba. To my selfish pleasure, (and I saw Makali smile, too) it is a “meal on wheels”. Makali pointed and we both laughed out loud. It has a canvass tent mounted on the roof and the words, ‘Government Vehicle, Game Management’, painted on both front doors. I sure hope the lions can’t read, it could blow our cover!

 Benjamin is sitting on a wooden bench in a well shaded section of the porch in front of the Lolgorien Quick Stop. We are right on schedule. It is 1:00 pm. It is obvious that the large tree casting its’ shadow on the porch has been a resident of Lolgorien much longer than this petrol station. As a matter of fact, it may be older than most of Lolgorien. Benjamin, like his truck, is dressed in the same government-green. He is wearing khaki pants and a long sleeve “green” safari shirt with, you guessed it, “Kenya Game Management” printed on it. If I hadn’t recognized him, he still would have been easy to spot.


One Comment

  1. Real good B. K. Watch out for the “meals on wheels” and canvas tent. Simba can get through!!!!!


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