The 45 minutes to Lolgorien was spent in almost total silence.

(“Chuck, …. oh my God …, Chuck!” almost in a whisper.) 

Well, if this little adventure hasn’t seemed real or dangerous yet, we are certainly focused and alert now. That got our attention. We finish loading the camper, hitch up my Rover, and head out. I’ve got Makali with me, and Miles is going to swing by Narok and pick up Benga. They will probably reach Lolgorien about an hour after us. I am now more thankful than ever that we will have a second tracker with us. I am almost glad that Noah’s helper, Benjamin Niemba, is joining the battle. “Almost glad”, I said.

 The 45 minutes to Lolgorien was spent in almost total silence. Sitting behind the steering wheel of this borrowed bus seems almost like a dream. I feel like I am driving in a trance. Makali is sitting in the passenger seat and looks totally uncomfortable and out of place. Somewhere along the way, he breaks the silence by asking me where we are meeting Bwana Niemba. “At a petrol station as we come into town,” I answered. “I think we’re about 15 minutes away.”


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