“Someone will have to share the double bed…”

(It made me shiver and cringe.) 

Pulling into the Safari Rental parking lot, there is a mid-size camper parked in front with its side door open, and certainly looking like it’s waiting for us. As we are parking our vehicles, I see Samuel emerge from the camper with a friendly grin and wave. “This be the one, Bwana K. Look ok?” Samuel asked.

“Looks fine, Samuel. Good to see you,” I replied, shaking his hand. “How many will it sleep?”

“Good to see you. The four of you, easily. It’s a 25′ Spirit 4×4. It has a toilet with a shower and small kitchen with a range and microwave.”

“Samuel, we learned on the way here, that there will be five of us. Kenya is sending a game warden type to hang-out with us,” I added.

“Will be crowded, Chuck. Someone will have to share the double bed,” Samuel replied. “You’ll all be pretty friendly by the time your hunt is over.”

“Have a larger one, Samuel?” Miles asked.

“Yeah, but it’s real big, 30 feet long and clumsy. But, you can have it, same price.”

“Let me ask Makali.” Turning to my tracker, and knowing his sleep habits. “Makali, kulala kwenye kitanda (sleep on bed)?”

“No Bwana,” he answered.

“Didn’t think you. This one is fine, Samuel. Wrap it up!”

“It’s gassed-up and ready to go. Step inside and sign the paperwork, Chuck.”


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