With Kericho in our rear view mirror, our next stop is Chebown.

(“Call if any problem with that cage. Good luck.”) 

With Kericho in our rear view mirror, our next stop is Chebown, to pick up our “tent on wheels”. 

Chebown is about 30 minutes from Kericho and is close to the northern edge of the Masai Mara region. Safari Rentals is just about the only business in this small town. Though the town is small, the business rents a lot of cars and campers, mostly for those adventuring and exploring the Masai Mara Game Reserve area. If you don’t have the right vehicle for your adventure, Safari Rentals is pretty much the only option. I didn’t ask Samuel when I called him to reserve the camper, but it is a good possibility that the Bridges family rented their car from Samuel. A visual image of the two children viewing the gruesome attack and death of their father by these man-eaters came shooting back into my mind. Linda Bridges told me the ‘one-eyed’ female slammed against the car window, trying to get to the children. A cold chill ran up my spine. It made me shiver and cringe.


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