“Whatever the time, call and I’m on my way to pick up your lions.”

(…they will be secure for the 10 minutes needed for the drugs to take effect.) 

On the table is a box containing twelve syringe darts, four per lion. The cages are collapsed, ready to load, and placed by the side entrance of the clinic. Miles has less supplies in his Jeep, so he will carry these extra items to our base camp location. Asides  the double capture cage, we are also borrowing a large cage to be used for containment. This cage will hold the captured lion (hopefully lions) until Jacob can get to our camp to take them back to Kericho. This is not our “first rodeo”. We have borrowed cages from Dr. Longo before. We have never set them up, side by side, as a double cage before. The three of us have darted lions before for capture, but never confirmed deadly man-eaters.

 Jacob gives me a drawing on how to set-up the cages, and how to rig the remote control door. Miles gives one final poke at Jacob, daring him to come along for the fun and thrills. Jacob declines, we shake hands and load up the darts and cages.

“Charles, I am standing by. Whatever the time, call and I’m on my way to pick up your lions. Call my cell phone,” Jacob said as I close the back of the Rover.

“Sure appreciate you help and your advice. Be ready. We will start tomorrow.”

“It’s my honor to help. Call if any problem with that cage. Good luck.”


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