These three lions prey and feed on humans.

(From the stories we’ve heard the male simba we are after should be at the upper scale, about 500 lbs.)

This large of an animal will still only require about 750 mg. of zoletil. This allows us to use a smaller dart. Smaller dart means greater distance and added accuracy. Female lions range normally from 260 to 400 lbs. He further explained that the downside is that the effect of the drugs still takes about 10 minutes. Yes, once sedated, they will be knocked out for 1 1/2 to 2 hour, but that 10 minutes – that terrifying 10 minutes – is the unsettling and potentially deadly part of this game plan. These three lions prey and feed on humans. I am pretty certain if they are provoked (and the sound of the dart rifle plus the impact of the syringe hitting their body should easily be plenty to piss them off!) the lions will most likely attack, not run for cover. We are supposed to capture them not kill them. This is why Dr. Longo is suggesting the double cage with several foot snares located around the entrance. If we can snare them or cage them, they will be secure for the 10 minutes needed for the drugs to take effect.


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