“Nzuri ya kuona wewe, Bwana Jacob (Good to see you).”

(“Hello, my friend,” Jacob said, reaching for my hand. “So good to see you.”)

“Good to see you, Jacob,” grasping his right had and placing my left over it. “It’s been a few months. Hope you and your family are well?”

“Yes, thanks Chuck,” turning toward Makali. “Jambo, Makali. Habari gani?” (How are you?)

“Mimi ni faini shukrani (I am fine thanks),” shaking his outreached hand. “Nzuri ya kuona wewe, Bwana Jacob (Good to see you).”

“Chuck,” Dr. Longo said, turning back to me. “Makali is absolutely the best. And I’m not just saying that ’cause he’s standing here. You’ve heard me say it before.”

“Yes, you are so very right Jacob. I’d put him up against any tracker in Africa, hell anywhere.”

“Asante, Bwana K. Asante sana, Bwana Jacob (thank you very much),” Makali said with a somewhat embarrassed smile.


One Comment

  1. Asante sana, B. K………very very good. Thanks. Great great story. Can’t wait for hunting the hunters!!!!!


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