“….Dr. Henley, but there has been another lion killing.”

(“Yes, Benjamin. I think we have met before.”)

“I believe so. I was a game warden in the Marsabit National Reserve area. I think we met there once.”

“What can I do for ya’?” I asked.

“Sorry to bring more bad news Dr. Henley, but there has been another lion killing. This one in a village just north of Nregi. Two dead I’m afraid.”

“Oh man, that’s the same area. That’s just south of Lolgorien, and getting too close to the border. Two dead you said?”

“Yes, don’t know many details.”

“Benjamin, we left this morning and we will be in Lolgorien by early afternoon. I guess we now know where to start the hunt. Are you my contact person to keep the Minister up to date with the progress?” I asked.

“Yes, but it’s worst than that. Noah has asked me to tag along. I’m already in Lolgorien.”

“Shit.” (to myself). Damn, Benjamin. No offense, but I don’t like that idea. I’ve got enough worries and concerns about protecting our own hides during this hunt. I can’t be responsible for you!”


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